Metal is expensive, but it lasts!

Custom metal gate with CNC plasma cut lettering

Iron Gold Welding is interested in providing quality to our customers. We do everything possible to create beautiful products at a cost that is effective for us, as well as for our customers. Custom metal work can be expensive, but let me tell you why!

1.) Metal is STRONG

2.) Metal is not wood

3.) Metal goes through multiple processes BEFORE we do anything to it

4.) Metal doesn't grow on trees (hahaha)

5.) It takes a significant amount of work to provide quality products that will withstand the elements of planet Earth. Weather is the key factor!!

6.) Powder coating is expensive, but so worth it, to prevent rust! And it looks TOP NOTCH!

7.) Custom work means we haven't done it before, in your configuration. Custom means we have to start from scratch, which sometimes means more time invested on our part. Custom work also sometimes means we have to build something right at the permanent location, which changes lots of factors, increasing our difficulty.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why items made of metal are a bit costly. The biggest reason for cost? Time and effort invested in a project, material cost, and other services used (powder coating, galvanizing, etc.). Also, we do all of the design for your custom metal project, in house! Our owner draws EVERY SINGLE PROJECT in 3D, prior to any construction. We find this allows us to give a very accurate price, as well as make all types of adjustments, prior to construction. It also makes for perfection in the shop, and on your property. We strive to provide quality, no matter the size of project.

If you are considering a project made of metal, give us a shout! We would be happy to do an estimate, and explain what your project will entail!

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