Building stairs is a big factor on many types of projects. Because there are so many different stair configurations , we thought an entire page devoted to stairs would be helpful for some clients.

We build all different types of stairs. Some examples that are in this gallery are:


  • helical- a beautiful addition to outdoor patios or large indoor spaces. Sweeping in one direction at a precise beautiful angle, these stairs add an elegance that outdoor patios  and large rooms deserve. 

  • mono-stringer - stairs built with only one support underneath the treads are a way to add visually pleasing aesthetic qualities to a space. The set in the pictures were built inside of a house made of shipping containers. Glass or wood treads are common.

  • standard egress stairs with grab rail- Many buildings require stairs that meet safety requirements for fire escape and other emergency situations. The green railed stairs pictured are a specific configuration designed to address snow melt issues, and bolt together for the ability to replace stair treads due to damage from snow and chemicals used to melt snow on commercial properties. Other methods are also used regularly for other locations and functions, with a design that is usually similar, but does not consider the outdoor factors as this specific example does.